Since 2003, SEC Energy has been providing compressor packages ranging from 50 horsepower to above 8,000 horsepower. We can provide packages built to SEC's conservative design standards or custom built to your specifications.



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Dual Drive™ Provides An Industry Leading 99% Run-Time

Due to the ability to switch the power source between two drivers, run-times are significantly improved using our technology. The flexible package design comes with permitting advantages, maintenance savings and emission reductions.

Facility Designed With The Customer In Mind
  • Experience from 50 to 8000 Horsepower
  • Annual Capacity of 500,000+ Horsepower
  • Assembly, Skid and Vessel Fabrication, Paint and Engine Testing All at Same Location
  • 3D Imaging, Scanning Engineering and Design Capabilities
  • Fleet Packaging Expertise
  • Custom Engineered Packages
  • Multiple 150 Mobile ton Gantry Cranes
SEC Facility Details
Square Footage
Crane Capacity
Steel Processing, Pipe and Structures     56,300       20 Ton
Skid and Vessel Shop     45,000       40 Ton
Compression Assembly Large HP     59,000       40 Ton
Compression Assembly Small HP     40,000       40 Ton
Production Equipment Assembly     12,000       40 Ton
Overhaul Services Shop     28,000       40 Ton
Blast and Paint Booth     9,450       No Crane
NDE Test Shop     8,100       10 Ton
Warehouse     32,000       No Crane